In the Night Garden O2 Arena

'In The Night Garden' Live, up there with 'The Magic Roundabout', 'Chorlton and the Wheelies' and 'Bod'. At the live show you are greeted by the Ha Boos (huge full-size bouncy things) before venturing into a pristine white inflatable tent where the atmosphere is cocooned and cosy, though it's not small. They've clearly spent a lot of time at Night Garden HQ thinking about how the show translates on to the big stage and they've opted to have two versions of each character – one full size and one a small puppet brilliantly controlled by puppeteers. The puppets all come out first and do a little bit of posing, then dash off and within seconds full-size Iggle Piggle takes the stage. As in the TV shows, the story is simple and easy to follow, the music playful. A great introduction to theatre for under fives.

Contact the friendly team at concierge 4 kids for ticket pricing and availability